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Podsights Analytics is the first product to connect podcast downloads with on-site activity, giving podcasters and advertisers unprecedented insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Measure Results

Podsights provides marketers the tools they need to invest and reinvest in podcast advertising.

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Best in Class Attribution

Podsights provides household attribution from download to site visit. We utilize IP matching, cross device graphs, custom urls, discount codes and device information to determine the ROI on your spend.

Retarget Households

Podsights pairs your podcast advertising with your digital efforts to journey the user from hearing your audio placement to visiting the site.

Podcast advertising is effective, but not actionable. 74% of users can recall hearing a brand in a podcast, but only a fraction will end up visiting the site. To bridge the gap between audio and digital, retargeting allows marketers to reach those listeners across multiple channels.

Realtime Anywhere

Podsights calculates oDL downloads in real time, so you can actively watch performance. With webhooks, you can integrate your podcast downloads into other tools seamlessly in real time.

Ad Ops' Best Friend

Podsights lets you track spend and performance for all campaigns across many podcasts all in one centralized dashboard. With built-in automated air checks, you can scale your ad operations without missing anything.

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