Built for Podcasters,
Loved by Advertisers

Podsights Analytics is the first product to connect podcast downloads with on-site activity, giving podcasters and advertisers unprecedented insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Measure Accurate ROI

A survey of podcast listeners showed 66% of listeners converted on an ad, and 74% had brand recall, but measuring those numbers for your specific ads used to be hard and inaccurate. Podsights has built podcast ad attribution technology that shows you how many people are converting on your ads.

True 3rd Party Analytics

Different podcast hosting providers measure downloads differently, making it hard to compare ad performance. Podsights works with any provider, so you can get an apple-to-apples comparison of consistent, accurate download numbers even when running ads across multiple podcasts.

Social Retargeting

Podsights allows brands to retarget users that have heard their podcast ads across social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now you can create a cross-channel ad experience like none other.

How does it Work?

Podsights Analytics provides an RSS integration for podcasters and a JavaScript SDK to advertisers. When integrated, Podsights will match podcast listeners to on-site actions.

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