The publisher and hosting market is fragmented, which happens to be a good thing. It represents a diverse set of content for listeners and tailored technology for publishers. For advertisers, it presents a unique challenge.

Marketers receive reporting on a per publisher, per campaign basis. If you are running multiple campaigns on multiple publishers, you’ll know the reach and frequency for each, but not overall.

If you are targeting awareness, a high overlap is terrible for your goal. If you have a high LTV product and are targeting frequency, a low overlap doesn’t help you.

At Podsights, we want to help you understand reach, frequency, locations, spend, and impression across publishers and break out of those silos. With that, marketers logging into the dash, you’ll notice a new header that looks like this:

It represents several new features that we will quickly outline below.


The overview tab allows you to see impressions, reach, spend, and attribution by day or week.

Publisher/Campaign Overlap

Publisher overlap lets us quickly and easily understand the overlap between two publishers. We advertised Podsights with some fine publishers, and this is what we saw:


Frequency gives us a view of how many impressions the average household receives and a histogram of frequencies. We are going to talk a lot next week about frequency capping, so stay tuned.


Lastly, location data, which is simple. Did impressions get served to the proper geographic regions?


With that, we have also launched new pricing. Podsights has always supported a pay as you go, pricing model, which allowed customers to only pay for what they use. There is a trade-off, though, as it lacks predictability for brands that are consistently advertising on podcasts. We are rolling out flat-rate pricing that offers lower prices for longer-term commitments.

Check out the new pricing page or contact us.