What's the Optimal Frequency for Podcast Advertising?

April 05, 2019

How many times does a listener need to hear an ad before they visit the site?

One of the things we think a lot about at Podsights is frequency. How many times are you exposing the same user to the same ad or brand? More importantly, what is the optimal frequency? Does it take 1 ad or 20 before a listener visits the site?

Through Podsights Analytics, brands have access to frequency across hosting providers and podcasts. We look at the overlap of audiences between episodes, podcast and determine an exact frequency number. Paired with our onsite pixel, Podsights can determine the number of downloads before a visit and then purchase.

Conversion frequency is going to be dependant on the brand. An e-commerce brand with a low price point and a great offer is going to have a lower conversion frequency than one with a high price point and no offer. We have seen this in the data.

In Defense of Paper is a journal company that produces premium journals. They bought over four podcasts in 4 months.

The overall frequency was 1.48, meaning that the average user downloaded 1 and a half episodes.

On average a user downloaded 1.58 episodes before visiting the site. You can see this plotted below. We get the majority of the visits after the first episode, and then we see a long tail of visits.

Frequency One

Most users, however, don’t purchase after the first episode. The users that purchased downloaded an average of 2.33 episodes. While you get the most visits after the first show, purchase intent seems to show up later.

On a different campaign, for a product at a higher price point, the overall frequency was 1.80. They bought over a lot of shows with overlapping audiences.

On average a user downloaded 1.95 episodes prior to visiting the site. Same plot as before and, again, we see the majority of visits happening after the first episode, but a greater long tail.

Frequency Two

Even though you will see the most significant bump after episode one, we implore you to continue as purchase intent increases with impressions.

If you are interested in understanding more about the frequency, overlap, and attribution on your campaigns, talk to us, we’d love to help.