Introducing Podsights Research

December 12, 2018

We created Podsights Research to catalog the world of podcast advertising, enabling brands and podcasters to make better strategic decisions. Today, we’re excited to open Podsights Research for free to everyone.


Podsights Research continuously samples episodes from hundreds of podcasts — including the Apple Podcasts top podcasts and more — and have sifted through over 30,000 ads from more than 1,600 companies. Through machine and human reviewers, the team has processed over 11,000 hours of audio into a searchable, visual tool.

Whether you are a brand or podcaster, there is something for you on Podsights Research. We are going to dive into some actionable insights for each.


If you are looking to get into podcast advertising, it can be daunting. It’s helpful to learn from brands that are advertising successfully. Let’s take Article for example.

Article is an online-only furniture company that offers beautiful, stylish furniture. To learn about their audience and what’s converting, follow their buys:

Article Podcasts

The majority of ads are targeting female audiences, specifically My Favorite Murder. Here’s an ad from MFM:

This ad is a dynamic host read placement. It’s important to note because dynamic ads can skew our counts. While we saw 16 ads on this show, it’s possible and likely we got an above average amount of Article placements compared to other listeners.

Article also appears on 99% Invisible; a design focused show. If you like good design, you must also be interested in Article.

Article also has some great reads like the following one from Wondery:

Here’s the part we like:

Some good friends just bought a new house. It’s a bit bigger and has some nice open common spaces for their family to gather, eat, play and just be together. It also has a big outdoor patio. But all this new space came with a new problem what to put in it without hesitation I suggested

The host allows the listener to imagine their ideal house, lets them fill it with Article furniture and follows it with a personal recommendation.

Lastly, these are all host read ads with endorsements. Studies have shown that these ads convert the best, and Article is following that advice. You can listen to all of Article’s placements here.


Listing the top brands advertising makes for a solid puff piece about the state of podcasting, but it’s not actionable for people in the industry. Who is new, who is increasing spend, who is stale and could use a reconnect? Podsights Research can help your team identify brands to target.

New Brands

Brands enter the podcasting space all the time. They are testing the waters, trying to find the right shows and what works for them. Podsights can help you reach brands during this exploratory period. Here are a few examples of brands that are new to us:

Rally Road

VRBO (HomeAway)


New Offerings

Research is also an excellent way to figure out how publishers are adapting their offerings over time. For example Maven is testing podcast advertising on The Daily. The interesting part is both placements are post-roll, the least desirable position for an ad.

The ad is also linking to instead of the Maven site. From this, we can see that NYTimes is bundling podcast placements with their Brand Studio offering. Is this something that your podcast could do as well?

Apple and Spotify

Apple had a go at podcast advertising from late September through early October on the How Stuff Works network.

Apple Activity

They were promoting Apple Music, which seems like a good fit for podcasting. Here’s an ad:

Apple gave up in a short time, whereas Spotify has taken a different approach and is continuing to invest.

Spotify Activity

Spotify is using podcasting as lead generation into its app by creating exclusive shows. Here is an ad for their show with Guy Raz:

Maybe Apple needs some exclusive content? Maybe they just need to try again? Maybe they needed attribution? Wouldn’t hurt to ask.

For Everyone

Podsights Research makes it free and easy for any brand or podcaster to find the right sponsorship opportunities, keep tabs on competitors, and learn how top brands structure their campaigns. Create an account today to get started.

About Podsights

Whether you’re new to podcast advertising or an experienced agency, you know that attribution is the key to a successful long-term ad campaign. Podsights Analytics offers podcast ad attribution by matching podcast listeners to on-site visitors. So after you’ve built your campaign strategy with Podsights Research, measure its success with Podsights Analytics.