We created Podsights Research to catalog the world of podcast advertising, enabling brands and podcasters to make better strategic decisions. Today, we’re excited to open Podsights Research for free to everyone.

Introducing Research

Podsights Research continuously samples episodes from hundreds of podcasts — including the Apple Podcasts top podcasts and more — and have sifted through over 30,000 ads from more than 1,600 companies. Through machine and human reviewers, the team has processed over 11,000 hours of audio into a searchable, visual tool.

Whether you are a brand or podcaster, there is something for you on Podsights Research. We are going to dive into some actionable insights for each.


If you are looking to get into podcast advertising, it can be daunting. It’s helpful to learn from brands that are advertising successfully. Let’s take Article for example.

Article is an online-only furniture company that offers beautiful, stylish furniture. To learn about their audience and what’s converting, follow their buys: