Podsights has acquired the podcast link-sharing platform pod.link, and its founder, Nathan Gathright, joined our team. Podsights will continue to invest in the pod.link platform, and we have rebuilt it from the ground up to allow any podcaster to customize and promote their podcast.


pod.link creates simple, memorable podcast links that make it easy for listeners to subscribe to shows with their favorite podcast app. For more than two years, pod.link has helped independent podcasters and networks like Vox Media and Complex reach new listeners. With a straightforward domain, a built-in player, and support for the most popular podcast apps, pod.link has created a memorable experience that users trust to simplify the process of discovering new shows.

The paid version of pod.link allowed podcasters to customize their URL and remove ads. At Podsights, we wanted to expand on what Nathan had built by reducing the friction for independent podcasters, i.e., money.

The new pod.link

pod.link’s core features remain the same. Search for a podcast, grab a link, and go. We didn’t want to break what makes pod.link great. The rebuild focused on speed and customization.

Yes, that’s a triangle like you played in elementary school. Yes, Podsights loves a good shitty instrument.

What was pod.link premium is now available to all podcaster for free. We are excited to add the ability for podcasters to customize the colors of their page to match their brand. We are big believers in visual identity, and we want your pod.link to represent your identity, not ours. Here are a few examples of a customized pod.link page.

To update your podcast, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Claim Podcast”. We will ask you to verify that you know the RSS feed’s owner email, and we will send a link to that email address to update the page. The editor looks like this:

pod.link’s search is still using Apple Podcasts, but we have added support for The Podcast Index. If you prefix any query with index:, it will search the Podcast Index and use their IDs instead.

Redirects to apps are also simplified with pod.link/:id.apple going to Apple Podcasts, pod.link/:id.spotify going to Spotify, etc. for all 14 providers.

Developers can get a pod.link URL via https://pod.link/id?href={feed_href}. The URL will have a Vanity URL, Podcast Index ID, or a base64 encoded feed URL ID as a last resort.

Lastly, we have added the ability for you to add your own Google Analytics ID with IP anonymization. We want podcasters to grow their audience, and you can’t improve what you aren’t measuring. We do not include the Podsights pixel on pod.link by default. We will add it if a publisher chooses to use our marketing tools with pod.link, but it will be clearly marked in the URL like UTM parameters.

We have big aspirations for pod.link, and you will see us continue to invest in the product. We want to be a part of podcasting’s overall growth, and accessible marketing tools are vital to its success.

We’ll have more next week on what pod.link can do for publishers.