Just a year ago, on October 19 2021, Podsights launched our podcast discovery tool, Advisor, for advertisers to find hidden gems in podcast advertising. The tool was created with the intention of helping podcast advertisers discover new podcasts based on past campaign performance and website visitors.

Podsights is not only tackling measurement for podcast advertisers but we also want to create tools to help advertisers discover more advertising opportunities.

A challenge that advertisers face in the realm of podcast advertising is deciding what podcasts to leverage to promote their products and services.

Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Podsights generates an affinity score between 0-100 for each podcast. This number is aimed to act as a guiding metric for advertisers using Advisor to determine the similarity between their brand website visitors and podcast listeners.

Podsights Advisor 2022

The affinity score is calculated differently depending on the advertiser:

  • If you are an advertiser that has run an attribution campaign with Podsights before: Podsights will compare your brand’s conversion pixel data with each podcast feed data to generate an affinity score.
  • If you are a new or existing advertiser that has yet to run an attribution campaign with Podsights: Podsights will use aggregated pixel data from other brands in your industry and compare it with each podcast feed data to generate an affinity score.

The benefits of using Advisor include:

  • Access to data-driven podcast recommendations informed by your brand’s audience data or industry audience data.
  • Ability to filter and sort podcast audience segments to find shows that align with your brand or industry.
  • Reduction of the time it takes to discover new shows by discovering podcasts across publishers in one single platform.

Ready to try Advisor and discover the hidden gems in podcast advertising?

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If you are a publisher interested in adding your podcasts into Advisor to be discoverable by advertisers, you can do so by opting in via your Podsights dashboard.