Welcome Welcome. It’s the second installment of our Podsights UPs! We’ve launched our Audience Intel tool and made improvements to our overall dashboard usability in the past month and I’m here to tell you a little more. Keep reading to learn about the nitty gritty.

Audience Intelligence to give you more insight into your podcast listeners


We partnered with Nielsen and Experian, two trusted 3rd party data providers, to create Audience Intel. This new tool was built specifically to help publishers recognize their most loyal listeners and how to capitalize on those insights. Audience Intel is now available at no additional cost to Podsights for Publishers subscribers.

Uncover audience insights with flexibility and ease
  • View both basic and advanced demographic information such as age, income, education, political party and more all within your Podsights dashboard.
  • Access a detailed picture of your audience using unique attributes such as Experian Mosaic® Types and Nielsen’s purchase intent and occupation data.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your audience by comparing how they index against the US population and quickly view top indexing segments for each of your shows.
  • Easily switch between index or percentage views and option to export all audience data for your convenience.

How can you use these insights?

  • Prove to your advertisers that your podcast listeners align with their target audience using insights provided by Audience Intel.
  • Tap into new ad dollars by creating more customized media kits for both new and existing advertising partners who are on the lookout for activating campaigns on new shows.
  • Use these audience insights to curate more relevant content to your audiences to continue to keep them engaged and loyal to your podcast.

PUBLISHERS: Want to learn more or ready to opt-in? Just speak to sales@podsights.com!

Red Dots, Green Dots: Campaigns Approval Flow

Turn all the red dots green by confirming your campaign details are approved before setting it live

In order to ensure campaigns are set up correctly, we’ve added integrated approvals within the dashboard. Publishers and ad servers have a lot on their plate and to help them manage different approvals, we’ve built this flow. The Draft Campaign Overview page now displays all dynamic and embedded integration statuses at the same time so you can review them all before activating the campaign.

To check if a campaign is set up and ready to go live in Podsights:
  1. You can simply head to Campaigns and filter the State for Draft to see all your draft campaigns.
  2. Make sure to review all the details of the campaign and that there are no more red dots before clicking the Set Campaign Live button.
    • If you try to set the campaign live without reviewing, you’ll see some messages from us :-)
    • This is a shiny new feature so we’re around if you need any help, be sure to check out our Help Center.

The dashboard of your dreams!

Whether you’re a brand, agency or publisher, we’ve updated our dashboard experience for all

Research + download insights ASAP:
  • We’ve re-optimized our load time for our Research module within the dashboard so you wait less and analyze more!
  • You can now export Top Brands data with a simple click - easy breezy!
API for accessing your data:
  • Use an API link to access reports rather than having to download and export them from the dashboard.
New to Podsights? Sign up now faster than ever:
  • We’ve improved our onboarding process by reducing the number of steps you need to go through to sign in to Podsights for the first time.

Want to learn more about the updates mentioned above? Contact us today.

I appreciate you reaching the end of this blog post. Ta ta for now!