Yes, we’ll measure your streaming audio ads too.

You may know Podsights as the podcast advertising attribution and measurement folks. Our name is literally the combination of Podcast + Insights, so we get it. While we will continue to improve the tech behind podcast ad attribution and measurement, we feel it is time to introduce this same technology for other channels within digital audio including streaming music and online radio.

Whether you’re a podcast advertiser thinking about investing in streaming audio ads or an advertiser who already advertises on streaming audio, we’re here to help you measure those campaigns through pixel-based attribution. You can now find trackable results for both your streaming audio and podcasts ads all within your Podsights dashboard.

While we’re so excited about this feature, it is not available for all brands yet. If you’re interested in joining our beta for streaming audio, please reach out to

Adding sparks to the Podsights Dash:

The 411 on Upcoming Episodes!

Advertisers can now see upcoming embedded episodes and when impressions will run within their campaigns. We’ve added charts that show the estimated total downloads per day (or week) for upcoming episodes in two places within your Podsights dashboard.

  • Homepage: There is now a section that shows all the upcoming episodes that the brand will appear on.
  • Campaign Overview Page: This will show only the upcoming episodes within the selected campaign.
  • You can hover/click on the bars in the chart to see the total number of estimated downloads and the percentage breakdown of downloads per show.

Publishers now have visibility of all their shows’ upcoming episodes from their homepage. This includes:

  • A calendar view of shows’ upcoming episodes throughout the week. You can view up to 6 months into the future.
  • Click on any episode within the calendar view to see which advertiser is advertising what campaign for that episode.
Total number of impressions/visitors for any selected date range

We’ve now added a piece to the impressions charts for campaigns, ads, and episodes. It can be frustrating to not be able to get a sum of impressions and visitors within your selected date ranges so we added this handy feature to automatically calculate those numbers for you.

Promotional Campaigns is now renamed Marketing Campaigns

Previously, when publishers navigated to the Campaigns tab, the page was separated into two sections: Campaigns and Promotional Campaigns. Yea yea, we know this might be a bit confusing because publishers set up these campaigns as “Marketing Campaigns”. There’s an obvious consistency issue when they see these marketing campaigns show up in the “Promotional Campaigns” section… so we updated it.

If you selected Marketing* as the type of campaign during setup, then that campaign will now fall into the Marketing Campaigns section (f.k.a. Promotional Campaigns).

*There are three types of campaigns within Podsights that you can set up: Attribution, Marketing, and Reporting. You can read more about each type here.

If you have any questions about any of these updates, please feel free to give me (Kristy) a ping here.