IT’S SPOOKY SEASON!!! Don’t worry, there are no jump scares here— just a few nice surprises.

Advisor: Hidden Gems In Advertising

If you’ve visited our website over the past few days you may have noticed Research is gone and Advisor is here—Go start spreading the word! Advisor is Podsights’ latest tool designed to help Advertisers uncover the hidden gems in podcast advertising. We’ve heard time and time again from advertisers who are new to the podcast space ask the question “what shows should I buy?” and Advisor will help answer just that! Using a brand’s pixel data, we compare it to podcast feed data and provide advertisers with a number between 0-100. This number is what we’re calling “Affinity Score” and it is aimed to act as a guiding metric for advertisers using Advisor to determine the similarity between their brand visitors and the podcast show listeners.

We are excited to show you the power of Advisor— talk to us:

Now reporting…

Benchmark Report: We’re officially in Q4 and you know what that means… a new benchmark report! Here are some interesting numbers and findings this quarter:

The average conversion rate across all industries is 1.24%

  • 6.8% of engaged listeners go on to purchase
  • Advertisers who advertise on more than one publisher saw a higher conversion rate
  • Podcast campaigns from Fortune 500 brands perform at a 56% higher rate than lower market cap brands
  • The average frequency this quarter is 4.01, a 15% increase from the previous quarter (3.47)

Request a copy of the latest benchmarks here.

State of Digital Audio Report

To uncover how advertisers have approached digital audio and how they plan to do so in the future, Podsights and Digiday surveyed 84 brands, agencies, and publishers.

In this report you can expect to find:

  • The changing state of audio advertising and the role it’s playing in the marketer’s media mix
  • How advertisers are building their digital audio campaigns
  • Why advertisers say digital audio is measuring up to more traditional channels
  • What are the biggest challenges digital audio marketers are working to overcome now and in the future

You can download the full report here.

Dashboard Updates

Now back to our regular programming…

Managing Podcasts in Bulk
  • Publishers can now manage multiple podcast shows using “Bulk Actions” in the “Podcast Manage” section.
Missed Campaign Episodes

Publishers now have visibility to missed campaign episodes, allowing them to take ownership of the process.

  • A notification icon has been added to the toolbar for publishers—notifies if missed episodes are detected within the last month.
  • Clicking the icon takes you to the missed episode page, where the episodes are listed with their expected published date (may also filter to show additional dates in the past).
  • Clicking into a specific episode will take you to the upcoming episode page, where publishers have the option to manually select which episode drop the campaign episode belongs to, or remove it from the campaign if no longer needed.