The statute of limitations has passed on saying Happy New Year as we’re about to close off January this week, but Happy new year anyways– welcome to 2022!

While there’s a lot of “new” in the title of this UPs, we’re not really launching any big new features this month. Instead, we’re focusing on bettering what we have. Why are we doing this? The answer is simple, really. We recognized that we’ve had some inefficient processes at play last year and we’re getting creative on how to alleviate these challenges fresh into the new year. Before we show you anything new, we want to make sure you’re satisfied with our existing systems.

New(-ish) Teams!

We’ve expanded our client-facing teams to allow for more specialized support and assistance. We officially restructured our Partnerships team into two separate teams, Sales and Partnerships.

  • The Sales team is lead by our co-founder, Sarah Cotenoff, to focus on demonstrating the power of Podsights to prospective new clients/business. Working with Sarah is Brigid Judge, our Director of Sales and our new Podsights Account Executive, Danika Murphy.
  • Matthew Drengler now leads our Partnerships team and will focus on working with our existing partners and helping them find more creative solutions through Podsights. Also on the Partnerships team is Megan Johnson, who keeps her title as Director of Partnerships.

Here’s what Co-founder, Sarah Cotenoff, has to say about the new teams:

“Podsights has doubled in size from exactly a year ago. We’ve focused on hiring a lot of new talent to help support our growing client base. As a fast-growing company, everything moves fast and we, as a team, are still learning and constantly adapting to new challenges. By the end of 2021, we realized that a single Partnerships team of four, who worked on both new business and existing business, was not efficient enough. To become more agile for our prospective and current clients, we’ve decided to split the Partnerships team into two. As a result, we now have a dedicated Sales team who concentrate on prospecting and acquiring new business, as well as a specific Partnerships team who assist current clients in finding new solutions inside our platform. We’re quite thrilled about this reorganization and can’t wait to see how it will help us overcome our current challenges.”

Sarah Cotenoff

Our Platform Success team also grew and changed a lot since a year ago. Coming from her previous role as Director of Podcast Ad Product & Operations at NPR, Sarah Timmins, joins Podsights back in October 2021 and takes over as the Head of Platform Success. We welcomed Erin Pucciarelli as our new Lead Product Success Manager earlier this month. Working alongside these lovely folks are our Platform Success Partners, Hannah Sternberg, Will Hulett, Jocelyn Knowles and our two Platform Success Engineers Lena Tran and Donan Jackson. This team is the backbone of our client support. They’re the ones we rely on to help new and existing partners get comfortable with our platform and to use it to its full potential.

New Webinars

  • Podsights LIVE! We are hosting our second Podsights LIVE! on February 3, at 1pm ET. We will walk you through our most recent Benchmark Report, derived from our Q4 2021 campaigns. Save the date and register here.
  • Monthly Training Webinar: Our Platform Success team will now be hosting monthly training sessions for our clients and partners. If you are new to our platform or just want a nice refresher with a chance to ask some questions, make sure to register for one here.

New Product Updates:

New Support Ticketing Process

To make sure our clients receive the proper support, we’ve recently implemented a support ticketing system. This will allow our team to better organize the requests coming and hopefully reduce turnaround time.

  • All Podsights users can easily submit a ticket via their Podsights Dashboard by going to the Help icon on the top right corner and clicking “Contact Support”.
  • Fill in all the required fields and select all Platform feature categories and Ticket categories that are relevant to the ticket and hit Submit.
  • Once submitted, our Platform Success team will go through each request and respond within one (1) business day!

Tracking URL Notifications:

  • Publishers will now receive notifications (which will appear on the top right corner of their dashboard) when they have a campaign with any unconfirmed tracking URLs.
  • Viewing the notification takes the user to an overview page where they can see their unconfirmed trackers for all campaigns and review or confirm trackers.
  • Please make sure to fix all Unconfirmed URLs before moving forward.

Duplicate Organizations:

If a user attempts to create an organization that already exists in Podsights, an error message will appear.

  • If a user receives this message they should check internally to see who is the admin on their account and reach out to get added to the organization.
  • Only Admins can add users to the organization.