Oh you’re already here so you must’ve noticed this page and this site is lookin’ a little different. Yup, February had a lot of wonderful surprises, including Spotify acquiring us!

For the website, we’ve enlisted some help from one of our favorite design agencies, Fuzzco, to tackle this project. After a few rounds of revisions, we’re all very proud to present to you this very site you are on. We've kept some trusty elements from the previous design and added some awesome new ones. True to Podsights fashion, we’ve asked for fun interactions throughout the site. I won’t point them out because I want you to click around and discover it on your own. After all, aren’t things more awesome when you come upon it on your own?

Navigation Menus

You’ll notice in the drop down on the page, it’s no longer segmented by Advisor, Attribution and Reporting, but instead by Discover, Plan and Measure. Rather than calling it by the feature names, we want to truly highlight what Podsights can be used for. We’ve also made the same change in the Podsights dashboard.

Podsights Navigation

As obvious as it may be, the name Podsights was frankensteined together from the words “Podcast” and “Insights”. Podcast insights are something we want to continue to provide for the podcast community to better inform how to leverage this medium. From our humble beginnings back in 2018 when Research was our first feature, we’ve come a long way. After seeing a need for podcast ad campaign attribution, our engineers got to work and launched our attribution technology, paving the way for Podsights to become one of the leaders in this space.

Through pixel-based attribution, our users are able to better MEASURE their podcast advertising activity. Good tech never just stops evolving and with that in mind, Podsights launched Advisor (beta) last September to provide even more powerful insights to advertisers to DISCOVER new podcast shows. Moving forward with the upcoming launch of our new tool, advertisers will be able to PLAN their podcast media buys within Podsights.

Podsights is closing the loop and will empower advertisers at every stage of their podcast advertising campaign cycle.


We released our Podcasting Advertising Benchmarks last month and even hosted a Podsights LIVE! where Sarah Timmins shared some highlights. Here are some fun stats from the report below.

Can’t spoil all the fun here so if you want the full report or want to check out Sarah’s Podsights LIVE recording, go here and request access!

On to the Product Updates

Hey publishers, we made some changes to your view as well. Some color on the updates is below, feel free to check out the corresponding help articles to learn more.

  • Pixel Implementation | Notifications: Publishers who offer Podsights attribution to their advertisers are responsible for approving forthcoming media plans, and implementing tracking pixels. You will receive notifications within the Podsights dashboard letting you know if there are any unconfirmed tracking-pixel URLs that need your attention. More details here.
  • Pixel Implementation | Confirmation: You may have already “approved” the media plan and that's great! We’ve added this step to have you “confirm” that you've implemented the relevant pixels. It's one click that provides a ton of value for your advertiser. Please note this is a required task for publishers to complete in order for the campaign to go live. More details here.
  • Campaign Building: Tired of manually building your campaigns in Podsights? Learn how to use our campaign API to streamline your campaign builds today here.
  • Default Ad Insertion Providers: Publishers may select multiple ad insertion providers (for dynamic and streaming, respectively). When multiple providers are selected, users will only be able to choose from the selected providers. Learn more here.
  • Export Lift Reports: Brands can now combine multiple lift reports into a single CSV. Learn more here.