ICMYI: Podsights LIVE!

Just last week, our client partner, Brigid Judge presented our benchmark report during another segment of Podsights LIVE! (our version of a 30m webinar).

Podsights LIVE! Q2 2022

Here are the five takeaways that we hoped our attendees walked away thinking about:

1. There is an inverse relationship between frequency and conversion rate. We recommend a 2-5 frequency to get better conversion rates.

2. More brands are investing in dynamically inserted ads and we are seeing higher conversion rates on dynamic versus embedded ads.

3. The gambling industry is seeing high visitor conversion rates, likely due to the multiple sporting events during this timeframe and the new gambling regulations across the nation.

4. Pre-roll podcast ads are outperforming midroll and postroll seeing a dramatic increase in conversion rate this quarter compared to the previous.

5. Seeing that we are measuring 1 in 3 dollars spent in podcast advertising, more brands/podcast advertisers are investing in pixel based attribution this quarter

You can request access to the recording and the full benchmark report here.

Signing up for Podsights for the first time?

Pixel Installation Help

We’ve updated the user experience flow to require more detailed inputs and to simplify the setup process. This new experience should help setting up and installing the Podsights pixel easier than before!

You can learn more about this update in this handy dandy help article here.

Locations Exports are back!

Locations Export

For a little while now, we’ve hit pause on Impressions by Location export types, but hey- we’re bringing it back! You can now download your impressions report sorted by locations by going to Measure > Export and selecting Impressions by Location as the Export Type. It will export impressions data from all campaigns by location.

If you want to learn more, you can check out this help article here.

Role Consolidation

Role Consolidation

We’ve consolidated roles for our users so it’s more straightforward.

For publishers and sell-side agencies, your role will either be Admin, Ad Ops or Sales. For brands and buy-side agencies, your role will either be Admin or Member. Below are the descriptions of each role.

  • Admin: Users can add other members and create, edit and view all campaigns
    • I.e. Owner(s) of the account
  • Ad Ops: Users can create, edit and view all campaigns
    • E.g. Ad Ops Manager, Campaign Manager, etc.
  • Sales: Users can view all campaigns
    • E.g. Sales Manager, Account Executives, etc.
  • Member: Users can view campaigns but cannot add or edit
    • Users that belong to a brand or agency

More information on dashboard permissions for brands here.

Learn how to add or remove members in your organization here.