Building on our last post about acquiring, today we are unveiling Podsights for Publishers, a set of tools and integrations with to help publishers grow their audiences.

Here’s the simple bit. Podsights wants to help publishers to grow their audiences. More listeners means more impressions. More impressions means more ad dollars. More ad dollars allow the publisher to invest in new and more diverse content. New content drives new listenership, and the cycle continues.

Growing a listener base is not easy. Without attribution, publishers don’t know which effort is driving real audience growth. Podsights for Publishers brings the same brand attribution capabilities we are known for into the audience growth space for publishers.

There are three use cases that Podsights for Publishers looks to solve.

Podcast to Site or App Attribution

Driving visitors from a podcast to a website or app for live (remote) events or merch.

While we like advertising, we understand that it’s not the only way to monetize a podcast. With attribution, publishers can determine the most effective message for driving an audience to online stores or exclusive content.

Podcast to Podcast Attribution

Driving listeners from one podcast to another.

The best way to target a podcast listener is to find them on another podcast. House ads promoting new launches or updates to existing shows drive audience growth and give the listener something to listen to next.

Link to Podcast Attribution

Driving listeners from a display ad or social share to a podcast.

Podcast to Podcast marketing is great, but what if we try to reach an audience that does not already listen to podcasts? 63% of the US population has not listened to a podcast in the last month. Digital platforms have a far greater reach and better targeting capabilities, but how do we know if those clicks turned into downloads?

Publishers can now manage their pod.links within the Podsights dash and even create a white-labeled experience and subdomain.


Honestly, we don’t think charging publishers buckets of money to measure their internal marketing is a good business strategy. The marketing team is always doing their best with a limited budget while side-eyeing the sales team.

Instead, we are including unlimited internal cross-promotion, link attribution, and internal site attribution with every plan by default.

Each plan comes with a generous allotment of attribution impressions to measure external marketing promotions or offer to brands as part of advertising campaigns.

If you are interested in growing your network, contact us-- we’d love to chat.