As it stands now, podcasting is the last component added to the media plan and the first to fall off when budgets get cut. Buyers see podcasting as an experimental standalone entity. How do we as sellers and buyers incorporate podcasting into the broader marketing goals and make it more cohesive with the entire plan?

At Podsights, we think retargeting is part of the solution. Retargeting allows marketers to retarget listeners who heard a podcast ad with social and display ads on other digital platforms, allowing these channels to work together.

Playing to Strengths

Intuitively, download retargeting makes sense.

Podcast advertising has a high ad recall, which means that ~70% of listeners can remember the brand’s name and even details about the placement.

Digital advertising has a low ad recall. Less than 10% of users can remember a brands name from a display ad or ads in a social stream. Digital advertising, however, is actionable. I click on the ad, boom, and I’m directly on the site. There is significantly more friction with audio.

Retargeting combines these two strengths. Podcasting’s high recall and favorability toward the brand, with digital’s low friction.

The data also shows that download retargeting works.

  • For a brand campaign we are running, over 60% of the attribution traffic is coming from digital ads. These were users exposed to a podcast placement and then subsequently showed a digital advertisement.
  • For an e-commerce campaign we ran we tested a retargeting custom audience vs. an interest-based audience. We found the intent to buy is higher in the retargeting audience. Users in the retargeting audience were 17x more likely to purchase than an interest-based audience.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Podsights works with 3rd party data providers to determine Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) associated with the IPs that downloaded the episode. These are household level MAIDs.

Podsights then allows you to refine the audience based on location, noise and download type.

Brands can upload the MAIDs file to ad networks like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to retarget audiences across platforms.


Finally, podcasts can provide targeting that can help with marketing on other channels. As a seller, when you encounter buyers hesitant to try out podcasting as a new channel, it helps to be able to show how podcasting fits in with the broader marketing goals. A podcast campaign cannot only drive conversions but also to provide insights to enhance existing social efforts.

What if podcasts were the first part of a media plan instead of the last? By using retargeting brands can get a pre-built psychographic audience to start with and work outwards from there.

We are excited to see what savvy marketers do with Podsights retargeting.