It's a good day, a great day even. I get to be the one to tell you about a project that we have been working on for a bit. Spotify has acquired Podsights. Yes, that Spotify, and yes, that us. I encourage you to read their posts on For the Record and Ads.Spotify and then come back for what this means for Podsights.

Today is a point in the timeline of Podsights. It's not the beginning and is nowhere near the end. We started Podsights to grow podcast advertising, and based on our numbers, we’ve made meaningful headway towards that goal. Podsights has worked with over 1,200 brands, the majority new to podcasting, to measure and scale their advertising. In Q4 of last year alone, we measured 3.4 billion impressions, approximately $85 million in advertising spend. From small DTC shops to the largest brand advertisers, podcasting has consistently been valuable to any media mix.

But there’s so much more opportunity here.

Today is about acceleration. We've made no secret about our ambitions to be the leader in audio measurement, but there are challenges inherent to podcast measurement that we couldn't solve alone. With Spotify's technology and intelligence, Podsights can bring more accurate measurement and actionable insights to every brand, agency, and publisher globally on and off Spotify. We have ideas, for sure, but we are looking forward to working with our customers to build the future of audio measurement.

Tomorrow is business as usual. Brands and agencies can continue to use Podsights to measure the success of their podcast media spend across every network, publisher, and independent podcaster. Your data is still your data, and Podsights can only use it to perform attribution. You will continue to work with the same Podsights partnerships and success teams independent of their Spotify counterparts. Over time, we plan to layer in Spotify's technology and intelligence to make the service even better. Along the way, we will continue to build for every stage of podcast advertising, from discovery and planning to measurement.

We aren't taking victory laps. We have lots of work to do. First, however, I need to show some appreciation for the people who have helped us reach this point. Startups need capital, guidance, and irrational optimism. Thank you to Phoebe Arkell at Supernode Global, Allison Williams at NVP, Alan Patricof at Greycroft, and Sim Blaustein at BDMI for their help in a board capacity, as well as Betaworks, Graham Holdings, Howard Lindzon, Michaell Kassan, and the rest of our seed and angel investors. You helped us become a "real business," and we will always be grateful.

To our customers, you made an early bet on Podsights. Thank you for supporting and partnering with us over the years. Because of you, we have this incredible opportunity ahead of us to reimagine podcast advertising measurement. We plan on honoring that trust.