Discover hidden gems in podcast advertising

Through Advisor, Podsights gear advertisers with brand-curated podcast audience insights-- helping brand marketers pinpoint the podcasts they should consider for their next podcast advertising campaign.

Find your niche (podcasts)

Podcast rankers are out, Advisor is in! Podcast rankers often miss out on niche shows that brands should consider. Advisor is specifically built to arm advertisers with brand-curated insights so they can increase ROI by finding new podcast shows for their advertising campaigns. Advertisers can add columns of relevant show-level data to the Advisor view and discover new podcasts curated for their brand.

Advertise with higher precision and confidence

Podsights offers a new metric within Advisor called "affinity score" (i.e. "Affinity"). Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we assign every podcast within Podsights an aggregated score specific to each brand advertiser. The score takes into account the comparison between the brands’ pixel events (e.g. website visitors) and the podcasts’ listeners. Advisor's default view includes organizing podcast shows with high to low affinity scores. Advertisers can easily change the sorting criteria and choose what's most important to them.

Find your target audience

Advertisers looking to target a specific set of audiences can filter and sort by audience segments and podcast attributes in Advisor to discover new podcasts that best align with their target audience. Select from audience segment data (provided by two trusted third party sources), publisher/network, radio markets, audience overlap, industries and so much more.

Find out how Podsights can help you discover the hidden gems in podcast advertising.