Mobile Integrations

Mobile Integration Summary

Podsights is compatible with specific Mobile Integration Partners that provide an integration which allows you to connect mobile events to the Podsights platform in order to measure the connection between podcast ad download and mobile conversion.

In this case, Podsights will be performing the attribution, not the Mobile Integration Partner. As a result, Podsights will be receiving all data from your Mobile Integration Partner in order to perform attribution.

Mapping Conversion Events

If you want to track mobile Conversion Events, the way in which you name events will have an effect on how events are categorized within Podsights'

Events Graph view and debugger.

Note: Some Mobile Integration Partners will send Podsights Install data by default and requires no additional naming or setup. This will show up as Mobile Install on the Events Graph and as Install in the debugger.

Podsights supports 6 different types of events that you will want to use for naming and mapping through your Mobile Integration Partner: Install, Lead, Purchase, Product, Add To Cart, and Checkout.

Once you've setup your mappings and data is being sent to Podsights, you can begin using the Events Graph or the Debugger to confirm that you are receiving the expected events.

Events Graph

> Your Pixels > Click on Pixel Tile > Overview.

It will show you a breakdown of all events being recorded by the pixel.

If you've already connected the Podsights Integration through your Mobile Integration Partner, you will see Mobile Install events shown in your Events Graph.

If you've setup Conversion Events through your Mobile Integration an those events are being sent with an Event Action name/text that is equivalent to one of the events that Podsights supports, they will appear in this view as:

  • Mobile Lead
  • Mobile Purchase
  • Mobile Product
  • Mobile Add To Cart
  • Mobile Checkout

If your events are being sent to Podsights with an Event Action Name that is blank or with text that does not match Podsights' supported events, those events will be categorized as Mobile Other in the Events Graph.

To fix this, you can utilize the Event Mappings feature in your Podsights dashboard. This can be found under Manage > Your Pixels > Click on Pixel Tile > Event Mappings.

The Event Name field contains the text that matches the event that you want to map and select the corresponding Action for the event.

Note: These events will now be categorized appropriately and will show up in the Debugger as the Event Name and Action that you mapped, but will not be shown in the Events Graph. Those events will remain under Mobile Other in the Events Graph view.


The Debugger can be found by navigating to Manage > Your Pixels > Click on Pixel Tile > Debugger.

This is where you can view more details about the events that you are seeing in the Events Graph. The only types of events that are shown in the debugger are Javascript Pixel Events and Mobile Pixel Events. Note: The debugger does not support or shoe Image Pixel Events.

The debugger will only show the 100 most recents events recorded by the pixel.

To view mobile data in the debugger, you'll need to turn on the Mobile Events Only switch:

When viewing the details of an event in the debugger, you'll be shown the Type, Category, Value (if applicable), Currency (if applicable), Event Name and Event Action. These fields are set and passed to Podsights from your Mobile Integration Partner and are not fields that can be filled in on the side of Podsights (except Event Name and Event Action if you are using Podsights' Event Mapping feature).

Mobile Integration Partner Setup Instructions


  1. Once you've added the Podsights Integration, make sure to toggle on the Active Partner setting
  2. Enter your Pixel ID (found under Manage > Your Pixels > Copy Pixel ID) into the Podsights_key field
  3. AppsFlyer will send Install events to Podsights by default. Make sure that you set the Sending Options to All media sources. Note: If you do not set this option, Podsights will not be able to perform attribution accurately.
  4. When adding a new In-App Event to be sent to Podsights from AppsFlyer, make sure that you set the Sending Options to All media sources. Note: If you do not set this option, Podsights will not be able to perform attribution accurately.


Here are the steps to follow in your Branch dashboard:

  1. Click on Data Feeds
  2. Click on the Data Integrations Tab
  3. Search for Podsights in the Branch dashboard
  4. Enter the key provided below and enable the integration.