Podcast Advertising 101

Track, Analyze, and Optimize Your Podcast Ad Campaign for the Best Results

April 01, 2019

If you’re reading this last page of our four-part series, you’ve successfully landed a podcast ad campaign (Congrats!) and you are interested in optimizing it for the best results.


It can be tedious and time-consuming to track podcast ads by hand, plus different podcast providers measure downloads differently, making it hard to compare ad performance.

Podsights is true 3rd party podcast analytics. Our tools work with any provider, so you can get an apples-to-apples comparison of consistent, accurate download numbers even when running ads across multiple podcasts. The Podsights Analytics tool provides an RSS integration for podcasters and a JavaScript SDK to advertisers. When integrated, Podsights will match podcast listeners to on-site actions.

Below are a few ways you can use Podsights Analytics to help manage your podcast ads across all campaigns, and use the results to better inform your digital and social marketing campaigns.

Get accurate reports—view downloads and metrics from each ad

Especially if you are buying across multiple partners, it’s important to track downloads in order to count impressions of each of your ads.


Not every show counts downloads in the same way, so relying on reports you get from the show may not give you the best comparison. This is why tracking with Podsights Analytics will give you the same metrics across all campaigns you run. You can verify that each show is accurately reporting downloads according to IAB 2.0 standards. Plus you’ll be able to evaluate your campaign ROI without any guesswork. Podsights reports will prove valuable when analyzing the ad’s traction and proposing more accurate budget projections for new campaigns.

Get airchecks delivered direct—listen to your ads live

In the recording industry, an aircheck is a recorded sound bite pulled from a live show. They can be useful for many purposes: to sent to a prospective buyer, used as a record that the ad actually played, or a way to verify that the ad was delivered in the way that was promised.


Podsights Analytics pulls airchecks from your podcast partners and delivers them to you right in the dashboard. You can verify that the spot ran and if the copy was correct, all without contacting the publisher or show.

Get real time updates—optimize your ads as they run

One benefit of using Podsights Analytics versus manually managing your campaign, is optimization.

Podsights has built podcast ad attribution technology that shows you how many people are converting on your ads. With Podsight Analytics you can gather the conversion rate for each podcast in real time. If one ad position or show is converting better than another, you can ask your podcast partner to move spots around.

You can also compare copy, and conduct strong A/B testing to determine if one message works better than another.

Get deeper reports—retarget ads for better cross-channel campaigns

Podsights Analytics also gives you retargeting tools. We’ll provide you with a custom audience report that you can use for ads you place on other channels, like social. You can use the reports you get from Podsights to better inform your other cross-channel content, to retarget your other online campaigns.