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Podsights is the leading attribution platform for podcast and streaming audio advertising.

Podsights connects downloads to on-site activity, giving advertisers and publishers unprecedented insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Best in class attribution with real time reporting

Podsights provides household attribution from download to site visit. We utilize IP-matching, cross-device graphs, custom URLs, discount codes and device information to better determine the ROI on your spend. Podsights calculates podcast downloads in real time, so you can actively watch each episode’s performance. This allows advertisers to better understand how their campaigns are pacing and the number of households they are reaching. We work with the vast majority of podcast hosting providers and can even track campaigns across multiple providers.

Ad Op's best friend

Podsights measures both embedded or dynamically inserted ad formats for streaming audio and podcasts. Podsights lets advertisers to track spend and performance for all campaigns across many podcasts all in one centralized dashboard. With built-in automated air checks, you can scale your ad operations without missing anything.

Incremental lift reports

Incremental Lift separates what is native demand from the gain provided by advertising. In simpler terms, it measures the increase in conversions from podcast advertising vs. doing nothing at all. We use a control group of podcast listeners that have not been exposed to your podcast advertising and compare their activity to an exposed group. These types of analyses help advertisers further understand their Podcast spend.

All around coverage

Podsights work with all kinds of publishers, from upstarts to the largest streaming audio and podcasting networks.

Find out how Podsights can enable you to measure the effectiveness of your podcast advertising campaigns.