Opt Out of Podsights Data Collection

Last updated September 3, 2021

Please see our Privacy Policy to review our data practices and policies and the information we collect when you encounter Podsights.

We provide JavaScript to our customers to use on their websites to analyze and attribute the effectiveness of their podcast advertising. The following outlines what information we collect and how we protect it.

1. How Our Services Works

The Podsights SDK uses cookies (a small text file containing a string of characters), to help our customers attribute customers on their website. The cookies are set on the customer’s website domains.

2. What Information Is Collected

Podsights collects the following information: event data (for example add to cart or purchase), user agent data (basic device information, such as browser and OS versions), domain URLs (such as URLs for referring / exit pages), Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses, and similar technical and usage information. This data is associated with an alphanumeric identifier saved as a cookie.

3. Where Information Goes

Because most of our services are cloud-based, the information our customers collect when using Podsights will be transferred to Podsights-managed resources, hosted on the Google Cloud infrastructure. We may transfer information to third party services in order to provide additional information to our customers.

4. Your Choices

Our customers control their websites, so please consult the privacy policies of and disclosures for these websites to find out more about the information collected and your choices.

Podsights provides the following option to opt out of Podsights data collection on any domain using our SDK:

This can be accomplished by appending the following parameter: "?pdst_opt_out=true", to the end of the URL of any domain you wish to opt out of. Adding this query parameter to a URL will issue a command to set an opt out cookie for that domain.

5. Where Can I Go To Learn More

To find out more about cookies, you can visit aboutcookies.org and/or http://www.networkadvertising.org. If you are located in the European Union you may use the resources at http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.