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Frequently asked questions

High Level, How Does Podsights Work?

Podsights matches downloads with on-site visits through household ip, cross device graphs, custom URLs and discount codes.

Who owns the Data?

You own your data. This is outlined in detail in our privacy policy. Podsights will ask your permission before sharing your data with your advertisers, as part of the campaign creation workflow.

Do I need to use the Analytics Prefix?

Some podcast hosts are able to provide a different integration via webhooks (aka tracking urls, tracking pixels). If your podcast is hosted by Art19 or Megaphone, you can use a webhook integration instead of (or in addition to) the analytics prefix.

Does this work with Brand Advertising?

Yes. While we incorporate data from vanity urls and promo codes in our attribution reporting, we do not solely depend on them. Brands running awareness campaigns and other non-DR campaigns can now reliably measure their impact without needing vanity urls or online sales.

Can I integrate this with my dmp or other marketing software?

Yes. Podsights measures podcast downloads in realtime, and makes that data available externally via webhooks. Depending on which DMP or marketing software you use, we may already have an integration. Please contact to learn more.

XYZ is my podcast host, can you work with them?

We want to work with every podcast host, and are able to with the vast majority. Most hosts let you install the analytics prefix on your own, or will do it for you if you ask. Look for your host in our integration guide.

Technically, How Does Podsights Work?

Podsights has two parts: Analytics Prefix and Pixel.

The publisher installs the Analytics Prefix through their hosting provider. Every time a user downloads an episode, the request goes to Podsights first, then to the audio file. This allows us to report real-time download numbers and is the basis of attribution.

The brand installs the JavaScript pixel on their site. The pixel reports page visits and events like product view, lead and purchase. Podsights uses this data to calculate conversion rates and customer acquisition cost.

How does my advertiser see their campaign's progress?

With your permission, we will give your advertiser a login to a separate dashboard where they can see how well their campaign is performing.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Talk to Us