Our Team

At Podsights, we love to talk about the intersection of podcasts, advertising, and data. We strive to give podcasters and brands alike the tools to grow their businesses through podcasting.


Andrew Pellett


Andy works on the downloads pipeline at Podsights. He has run into more podcast apps than you would believe, second only to the unreal number of true crime podcasts out there. He'll stick to economics podcasts.

Before Podsights Andy was an Analytics Engineer at Embedly.


Sarah Cotenoff


Sarah works with publishers, brands and agencies alike to find solutions.

Before Podsights, Sarah was the founder of The Bite Agency a Full service creative + media agency connecting the right brands with the right podcasts. Prior to that, she did sales at HowStuffWorks.


Brigid Judge


Brigid works on the partnerships team at Podsights. As a former buyer, she helps brands, publishers, and agencies alike understand the value of transparent reporting and accurate attribution.

Before Podsights, Brigid was the Digital Audio Investments Manager at Horizon Media. She holds a BM from Syracuse and sings the national anthem in front of thousands of people as a hobby.


Tomas Rios

Product Manager

Tomas works on the Accounts team at Podsights. He helps clients from the brand side and publishers run awesome campaigns.

Before Podsights Tomas spent some time as Buy Sell Ads working with publishers. His love of podcasts comes from his time at NPR where he was a campaign manager for four years.


Matthew Drengler


Matt works on the partnerships team at Podsights. He's been in the attribution space for over 5 years and likes to see campaign results over and above the coupon code, vanity URL, and conversion survey.

Before Podsights Matt worked at Megaphone and Barometric where he started his Podcast attribution career. Before that he has been on both the agency and advertiser side of the industry


Pedro Garcia


Pedro works on the web application. He loves crafting beautiful user experiences that our Podsights customers love.

Before Podsights Pedro worked as a Lead Frontend Developer at Hadron.app, a Startup that he cofounded aiming to bridge the gap between design and development.


Mike Sherman


Mike works on the engineering side of podsights. He enjoys crafting data solutions that scale, as well as data lake architectures.

Before Podsights Mike spent the last 6 years at AdTech for AdTheorent and Barometric. He's architected and constructed data lakes, cross-device graphs, and measurement solutions.


Havilland Voss

Data Analyst

Havilland works as a data analyst for Podsights. She enjoys digging through data to enhance Podsights reporting and to help optimize your advertising strategy.

Before Podsights, Havilland did Market Intelligence & Strategy for WeWork. She also spent several years in tech consulting helping solve almost any kind of tech problem for clients.


Dan Sahagian


Dan works on the engineering team at Podsights. He loves building APIs and working with the data layer.

Before Podsights, Dan worked as a Software Engineer at RealPage building and consuming APIs to integrate a new product. Previously, he started a tech consultancy and built internal tools for financial operations.


Bobby Tularam


Before Podsights Bobby has worked at various technology startups in the IoT and streaming space.


Nathan Gathright

Product Design

Nathan works on the user experience of our products. He enjoys sweating the small stuff while designing products that solve problems for our users.

Before Podsights, Nathan built pod.link, a marketing tool to help podcasters promote their shows and grow their audience. Podsights acquired pod.link in 2020.

Sam Fontenot

Sam Fontenot


Sam works on the engineering side of podsights. He enjoys building collecting data to model meaningful insights.

Before Podsights Sam was scaling payment solutions for Laterpay. He also spent several years modeling and analyzing critical energy infrastructure.


Zander de Leon


Zander works as an engineer at Podsights. He enjoys working as a full stack engineer because it's fun to work on building APIs one day and implementing user experiences on the front end on another.

Before Podsights Zander worked with various startups as a full stack engineer and data engineer. He started his career as a firmware engineer with Hewlett-Packard.


Chase Bosworth

NLP Engineering

Chase works on the NLP research side of engineering. She loves translating the rich conversational and storytelling podcast medium into insights via deep learning.

Before Podsights, Chase did graduate research into multi-modal language grounding and brain-computer interfaces at Tufts University. She was the founding Machine Learning Software Engineer at DalangHealth, a mobile health start-up where she researched and developed methods for transfer learning, style transfer, NLG and conversational Ai.


Lena Tran

Platform Support Analyst

Lena works as a platform support analyst for Podsights. She enjoys data analytics, media tech, and listening to more podcasts than she can fit in a long road trip.

Before Podsights, Lena worked on the product engineering, ad ops, and marketing teams at Cadence13 where she got her start within the podcast industry. She has also spent her free time working on projects centered around improving civic tech services.


Emily Krebs


Emily works on the engineering side of Podsights. She enjoys harnessing her creativity to develop rich, interactive user experiences.

Before Podsights, Emily spent time developing and contributing to software within the open source community.


Varun Patel


Varun works on the engineering side of Podsights. He enjoys designing efficient data pipelines and data models that can scale.

Before Podsights, Varun worked at Randstad on their data engineer team where he designed large-scale data solutions on GCP. He also worked at UPS, AT&T, and Cox Communication on their data engineering team.


Will Hulett

Platform Success

Will works on the Accounts team at Podsights. He enjoys working directly with clients and building meaningful relationships.

Before podsights, Will worked in Client Services at Fidelity Investments and Clark's Shoes.


Kristy Mei


Kristy works as a Product Marketing Manager for Podsights. She believes in well-communicated visions and ideas that solve real customer problems.

Before Podsights, Kristy was a holistic brand marketer for a leading video advertising platform, Unruly. A creative at the core, she appreciates functional designs and love finding new productivity tools.


Megan Johnson


Megan works on the partnerships team at Podsights. She believes data-enriched podcast advertising is a powerful way for brands to grow their biz.

Before Podsights, Megan worked in podcast measurement at Chartable. She also cut her teeth in multi-channel ad sales and marketing at NPR.


Hannah Sternberg

Platform Success

Hannah works on the Platform Success Team at Podsights. She helps clients from the brand side and publishers run their campaigns as smoothly as possible.

Before Podsights Hannah worked at a small startup magazine called The Campus Clipper as their publishing assistant. She had a lot of different hats in this position but one responsibility that she loved was producing, recording, and editing the magazines podcast. Hannah also helped out with selling ads for the magazine and after realizing she could combine both those passions together, she ended up here at Podsights.


Sara Bibb


Sara is part of the engineering team Podsights. She enjoys full stack work from querying data, moving it through the API, and implementing on the front end to be consumed by the user.

Before Podsights, Sara worked in healthcare tech as a full stack engineer developing applications for internal users. Even before that she worked as a zipline guide in Georgia.


Amy FitzHenry


Amy handles Podsights’ legal issues.

Before joining Podsights, Amy worked in-house for fintech and not-for-profit corporations, practicing in the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada. She started her career as a litigator at Quinn Emanuel, after graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law.


Victor Nazlukhanyan

ML Engineering

Victor works as an ML Engineer at Podsights. He researches and develops models relating to user segments, demographics, and conversion. His interests lie in holistically branching the breadth of machine learning methods to solve the problem at hand.

Before Podsights, Victor was a graduate machine learning researcher for Stanford Radiology as part of his practicum for the University of San Francisco, where he researched medical image-to-image translation in computer vision. He also co-hosted a podcast for his graduate program called “USF MSDS Minicast.


Jocelyn Knowles

Platform Success

Jocelyn works on the Platform Success, where she collaborates with brand and publisher clients to make sure that they are successful with their ads (pun intended).

Before Podsights, Jocelyn was a Marketing Analyst at Naked Lime. where she built email and newsletter campaigns for various car dealerships around the country. Previous to that, she came from a sports background where she worked for the Houston Astros, the Houston Texans and a local recreational sports league for adults.


Bryson Wilks


Hello! My name is Bryson! I am a Software Engineer here at Podsights! I work with the internal APIs that are used at Podsights, and also I work with the partnerships team to help design new features!

Before this, I was a Software Engineer at Vanguard for 2 years! During my time there I worked with the internal platform team to design and develop tools to improve developer productivity!

Sarah J. Timmins

Sarah Timmins

Platform Success

Sarah leads the Platform Success team at Podsights. She’s been in the podcast industry for six years, formerly at NPR as the Director of Podcast Ad Product and Operations. Sarah specializes in podcast ad tech and campaign performance.


Donan Jackson

Platform Success Engineering

Donan works as a Platform Success Engineer at Podsights. They enjoy resolving technical issues with clients and creating positive support experiences. Before Podsights, Donan worked within various technical roles across various industries and loves learning about and acquiring new technical skills.


Marnie Robbins

All things people

Marnie works on all things people-related at Podsights. When she’s not recruiting top-notch talent to the team, she’s focusing on the people who make Podsights an awesome place to work.

A graduate in Tourism Administration, Marnie stumbled into the world of HR out of college and has been striving to make work more human ever since. Her experience consists of high-growth recruitment, values evangelism, culture-fostering and employee experience, mostly in the tech industry.


Abdul Salim


Abdul works on the engineering side of podsights. He focuses on building robust and reliable data pipelines.

Before Podsights, Abdul worked at various companies, from small startups to large corporations building backend systems.


Sean Creeley


Sean works on the attribution pipeline at Podsights. He knows way too much about noisy IPs, cross-device graphs and pixels. Ask him about it.

Before Podsights Sean founded Embedly, a Y Combinator company, whose product was used by Reddit, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Microsoft and hundreds of other sites. Medium acquired Embedly in 2016.